Introduction: Fossil fuels will eventually go out of stock in the near future. Among all available alternatives for non-renewable energy sources, solar energy is found to be the most efficient source of energy for residential use because of the convenience offered by solar power systems. In spite of being the most practical solution of all energy issues a world that is completely powered by solar energy has always been a dream for the preponderance of the global population. Lack of awareness and high initial investments are two major issues while opting for solar. In order to change this scenario, RED Solar a leading solar power system installer in Andhra Pradesh is working to spread awareness regarding solar power. RED Solar is now offering easy EMI solutions for solar enthusiasts and helping them to fulfil their dream of solar-powered homes.

It’s a well-known fact that non-renewable energy sources like nuclear energy, coal, petroleum and other fossil fuels are going to reach the point of extinction sooner than the expected time period. due to excessive usage of non-renewable energy sources by the global population. countries from all parts of the world have been investing a fortune to find an optimal solution for the prevention of energy shortage.

solar energy is found to be the most convenient sustainable energy source among renewable forms of energy for residential use when compared to wind energy. The need for a solar power system and solar power plant has been rapidly increasing from the last decade. As we all aware of the supply-demand rule, countries are spending a significant chunk of its nation’s wealth on research and development of solar power systems to aid the invention of high-efficiency solar panels and high-efficiency power systems as an effort to meet the energy need of the world. solar panels technology has been through tremendous development through the course of time and offering high efficiency in power generation.

In spite of development in solar technology and increased affordability, a solar home has always been a dream to a lot of solar enthusiasts. There are two reasons why people are not opting for solar yet:

1) lack of awareness: solar panels technology has an impression that they are pretty expensive but to be pragmatic, the days of over expensive solar panels and solar installation are long gone. solar panels are made affordable by a significant amount of cost cuttings over the past few years and a majority of the population are unaware of the facts.
2) high initial investment: even though solar panels are made affordable and solar installation is made pocket-friendly, solar installation needs high investment while the time of installation and its serious investment decision for economy class solar power consumers.

In order to resolve these issues, RED Solar a leading solar installation service provider in Andhra Pradesh and Banglore is working to spread awareness regarding solar power benefits for the world through several awareness campaigns and removing the financial burden on solar power users by offering easy EMI payment methods. which enables users to be free from electricity bills by using solar system electricity

RED Solar is known for its premium quality service standards only uses high-efficiency solar panels which are tested and certified to work for more than 20 years. RED Solar is specialized in grid solar. They install solar panels in the most beneficial ways depending on the power system size. RED Solar is now offering a 4 step EMI application option which is a step by step procedure.
1) estimate: After your quote get an estimate on your personal rate
2) application: Apply online, it takes less than 3 minutes.
3) approval: You may be instantly conditionally approved.
4) installation: Funds will be transferred directly to RED Solar on completion of installation.

Please keep following documents handy for quick processing and instant approval for easy EMI loan:

Aadhar and PAN card.
2 years ITR.
6-month bank statement, for business owners.
3-month salary slips, for salaried professionals.