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Going solar helped me secure my family’s future against inflating power tariffs. I’ve no more dependence on power cuts.

Teja Reddy & vice versa, 45 years
Construction Engineer, HAL

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I’ve started saving upto 99% of my Electricity Bill. I’ll recover this investment in 5 years & consume free electricity for the next 25 years.

Teja Reddy, 50 years
Banker, Private Bank
Installed a 10kW system in Bangalore

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We take care of everything from installation to maintenance, ourselves. You sit back & enjoy.


Meeting to Installation in 6 weeks. From permissions to installations, our experts will do it all.

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Equipment insurance & post-installation Maintenance offered free of cost for 5 years.

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On-grid solar PV system functions only when connected to the utility power grid. Net-metering enables you to pay only for net usage.


Hybrid solar systems work in the same way as a on-grid solar system, but use batteries to store power for later use.


Off Grid Solar PV System are self-sufficient & use a battery bank & back-up generator to power the household. This provides you with 24/7 power source, though at a higher price.

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